One of those moody day of your month, you gotta watch either super funny movie or very romantic movie so I chose romantic movie called Brooklyn.
The girl is from Ireland which is in Europe and the guy is Italian. She moved to Brooklyn and met him at the lowest point of her life so they fall in love and finally they are together in the end. So this is a happy ending movie :D
Reflexing to myself these two continents are where I am trying to make decision which one to go this May! I always want to visit Europe again although I dream to go with my love one. Since i got none, it doesn't matter I can go alone! Let me work my butt off and save up for this trip.
That is the movie!
She is stunning and omg her eyes!

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gäãra-dě-sañd said...

I have 2 questions...

1. You don't have a loved one? er... I think I miss out something...
2. Can you read her name? Her real name. Don't check the internet. Just try and then youtube for it. You'll be surprised. :D