A Walk to Remeber, best movie in 2003

I would say, I have fallen in love with this movie since I read someone blog about this movie, and a lot people talked about it ... then i was hunting for this movie a lot place, and finally, i found it. i just finished a moment ago!

[to be continued]

The best part of the movie.


Samnang said...

Was that about a guy married a girl who had terminal disease? Knowing she would die but still marrying her was really touching story. I remembered I watched it long time ago, for several times.

Rath said...

isn't ur first comment here? :P yes the story is very touched and romantic! but it's hard to convince that does this kind of true love truly exist on earth?

nobody said...

yeh, this movie is very touching. Nicolas Spark is the author of the book "A Walk To Remember". There're more beautiful love stories he wrote such as "The Notebook", and recently he finished another love story titled "The Last Song" which will be released as movie in 2010. and you know what special about "The Last Song"? Miley Cyrus will be the main actress, which is OMG ^^