how to stop puppy biting your hand?

I used to do Google almost everyday that " how to stop puppy biting your hand?" just last night, there was a magic happened.

Everyday, he is always waiting for my return in front the door. Last night, I arrived home a bit late, so he kinda misses me a lot and wanted to play with his owner so much. Every time his play, he gets super excited, bit my hand and jump on me! 

So!!! i have tried different techniques to prevent that but it never works until last night I ignored him completely every time he bites my hands and even put him in WC and closed the door for about a few minutes until he realized what had done was WRONG. And i continued to do that a few times, and guess what happened - the magic of becoming a submissive and calm dog. He is going to be my loving dog ever!!!

Every morning, he always the one send me off to work ahhh... how cute?