What do you do on WEEKEND?

What do I do on weekend? it's a good question, but i don't know where to start. 

Well, I tend to think that Friday is very important like "TGIF", but mostly end up staying home a lot because my boyfriend is being serious about his business and my friends are busy with their life as well. 
***If I have a choice, i would love to have a nice dinner with a nice drink (some fresh juice - just so you know i can't drink alcohol) PLUS DANCING. i seriously love dancing and people doesn't really understand that about me!!! 

Saturday, i wake up late as many other do. Then i will have a late brunch s.w or at home then would stay at my boutique a bit to make sure that my staff shows up and clean all things. Then??? going for cafe and work plan for the biz. 
After maybe for a cafe... Dinner and home! Sound so deadly...dry weekend isn't it? 
***If i have a choice, i would go s.w with a fresh air or go picnic and having BQQ with nice fresh drinks, shooting photos, and maybe swimming in a river ahhh :D maybe i should do sometime next week fingers crossed!

Sunday, i try to spare my time for my family, i mean the whole family, but since my family is getting busier esp my younger sis and older sis... I don’t really want to go with just my parents because they would give all lessons nonstop so due to my age, it would ruin my weekend completely uggg…
***If i have a choice, i would love to stay in my newly condo (I actually bought a tiny condo and only started with the foundation so it's nothing there yet) and would cook some healthy lunch and ask my friends over to watch some movies :D

look like the longest post i've written for such a long time :) hope other people reading mine would share their thought as well.

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