Walking Aldo

Okay, according to internet :/ basically i have to walk him EVERYDAY. Yet, I cannot afford to drive him back and forth to the park with such damn traffic so I try my best to walk him at least 3 days a week.

My Aldo looks so naughty - Kach, but actually he loves everyone and too friendly all the time. Sadly, almost no dogs like to play with him T.T

Also every time i walk him, most poeple " where does he come from? what kind of dog? " ahhhh i have to repeat the answer over and over again :/ i know they like him but anyway i am happy cuz i am being attracted cuz of my dog lolz

yes, i become a dog, and he is my master T.T i need to train him harder
yes, master he needs some rest.
i am in a mess after walking him @.@

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