Stress with school

Talking about the first semester is hardly survivable. There are 3,5 months per one semester, and 2 semesters in one year. My LLM program is only 9 months course, it's super intensive course for everyone (esp. me). I really have no idea how could i survive for the first semester because i got four courses, and one of them is super demanding. My health was totally worse and i had not adopted the new system at the HKU yet. Whatsoever, I passed all subjects ^_^

Semester 2 coming, everyone encouraged each other to be selective for choosing the course. Yes, i did not make myself hard time any more so i have chosen good subjects and not too much burden. However, one among the four has stressed me out so much because i'm from Civil Law and this course is totally Common Law System that it makes me look so stupid that i couldn't understand it :( i guess i have to start it from button point (T-T) Anyway, i must give the best shot for this semester.

One more thing i want to share! i just realized that since i've been here, i lost all my confident and positive thinking that have affected my normal over here so much and esp at school! i had so much experiences in mooting and debating, and now i'm just quiet and shut up all the time! how can i take all those things back???

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