it's all about FOOD ^_^

Thai's Food :D Steam Fish^-^
Thai Food
Cheese Cake
Fried Shrimp Rice and Fish
My first Korean Food at Seasonal Restaurant in HK
Unbeatable JP set
The best Korean Ice-Cream
(we ate them in frozen weather but who cares since it's so good :P)
Spaghetti House
Spaghetti House
Spaghetti House
Not sure
Yum Chha :*
isn't good? u guess:P my first success food experience


Jessinit said...

really dun like ur post about food >_<
coz it's 2am while I viewed ur post, n then i rushed to da kitchen finding sth 2eat :D lol
u did a good job!

Rath said...

hey Jess. Thanks for compliment ^_^ i guess i'm a food lover, and i can't live without these good foods :) but seem i can't afford to eat out, i'd rather learn cooking and eat my food!

Amee Rose said...

I am so hungry now :'((

Editor: Joshua Lee said...

Yumm!!! That food looks good! And Melona bars are one of my favorite! :)