it's about the girl who dreams ...

After reading so many books about wars, and how cruel they killed each other, the little girl has committed her to stop this to bring peace to the world.

On her 18 yrs birthday, it became a sadness birthday ever because she said to herself that she must be strong and fighting whatever it comes to reach her dream that no one understands (esp. in Khmer) she set the goal that no one ever can stop her from making the dream come true. Looking back to those time, she usually had a crash on a few boys, but none of them ever cared about her :P maybe she was so ugly girl. Among her friends, she did not do good at all so her farther was so disappointed and very upset. Although she did tried her best but she got low score ដល់ពេលចេញលទ្ឋផល គឺនាងបាន និទ្ទេស c គ្ួរអេាយខ្មាស់គេណាស់លេាកអេីយ។ ហេីយបា៉របស់ នាងពិតជាបាន បន្ទេាសនាងជាខ្លាំង ហេតុអ្វីមិត្តភក្តិបានសុទ្ឋតា និទ្ទេសល្អៗ ែតឯងកូនគ្រូហេីយបានលទ្ឋផល ជាប់ណាស់។ Of course she was so sad and wish she could make her farther happy.

While most of her friends received governments' scholarship, she had to struggle to get once as well. ... to be continued



Anonymous said...

Your dad is very proud of you now. I talked to him months ago, and he mentioned about your successful life. It's touchy! And, I could feel how much he loves you!

You have done a very good job.

Vuth Samnang

Rath said...

hey Samnang,

i hardly believe you are here! thanks so much that dropped me by. give me your e-mail and keep in touch.

i hope everything is good for you :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rath.

Yes, I am doing well with my final year. I hope you are, too.

Many updates on your blog! It takes time to read!

My email is samnang_vuth@yahoo.com.
What's yours?

Keep in touch.

All the best,