Tough Time at ECCC!!!

Now i'm abit busy with my job in ECCC( Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia). However, I really enjoy that job because the international intern and ECCC's staff are friendly and helpful. We all say Hi, Hello, How you are.... and also smile to each other. I have known a lot good, nice , friendly people there and i gain a lot good things and also good experience. Anyway, I just hope that I have good time and a lot good memory with them and i will never forget them.

-Sovanna: Khmer Intern, Cute &Friendly
-Bri : US Intern, Friendly &nice smile
-Rath: Khmer Intern, Cute,i think;")
-Thom: Us Intern(orinational nation is korean but born in Canada, and study in Haward Uni, US) Friendly, Gentle, and Nice guy.

A party with all OCP (Office of Co-Prosecutor) stuffs!!!!

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