Last minute noted by our boss, we were invited (boss paid the entrance fee n enjoy free food lol) to E-Biz at Park Cafe on Oct 2, 2012. There were about 30 participants, most of them are young entrepreneurs. Just so you know this event is very similar to EME.

In stead of going to fashion-week n stuffs, I am kinda enjoy going to these social network and sharing experience in different aspects of business. Below is just a quick summary of what was happening.

·          Ms. Sok Chanda, President and CEO of Mekong Net and other business:
o   In 1990s, she started business with $20:
§  By looking every opportunity of business we could have.
§  Learn and dare to do it
§  Understand the the structure of her own business more effectively by having a good HR policy.
§  Communication is the key to success
o   Shifting and growing various business:
§  Opened a flower shop
§  Internet – Mekong Net
§  Garment Factory/Tailor Shop
§  Anana Computer

§  And other business.
Even she is senior than us a lot, she is still passionate to learn more,
and seem to look for smart people to work for her :D

·         Mr. Kuy Vat, President and CEO of Vtrust Group.
o  He still reminds us that networking is the most important in business. 

·         Polen ( can't remember his full name), CEO of various businesses like, CEO of many schools, HR consultant and so forth:
o   Being too ambitious with no experience in business is a great failure in the market these days. Therefore, we should have a significant business plan like 3 or 5 years business plan.
o   Communication is very important.

it looks bored in this pic, but the topic is very very interesting,
of course people are very nice and friendly.
I won the bet about who got more business-card! 
he is 80s, but he is strong and passionate in whatever he is doing!
Damn lazy ass! me i need to learn from him lol 

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Chea Sok said...

i should have joined it back then , i got an emergent order n c u again