First day of BlogFest12

trbidi="on"> -Preparation:

  • We had finished hanging all banners at the Venue
  • Arrangement the hall at BBU
  • Going to test Wifi and microphone and so on
  • About 8 Foreign participants are here with us in SR; and more are on the way to here.
  • Only a few Cambodian bloggers are on the bus to SR, and still not sure what is the exact number yet.
  • There will be a lot interesting presentation regarding to each national blogger about their experience. They are free to choose their own topic as long as it's in our scope of topic. 
  • Cambodia bloggers will talk about Gender and so on. 
  • This is going an international conference where you will meet bloggers around the globe.
***this is my own observation, nothing related the actual agenda of the event yet!

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Sovathary Bon said...

I love your blog! I think I visited your blog before, it's been a long time ago. Nice that we went to the blogfest together without even knew it! Lol...thank for dropping by.