what happen if you are s.w, and don't have money your phone is dead?

it happened to me today! after dinner with family, i asked two friends for a late cafe as we usually did! then i asked my to drop me at caltex sihanuk! i supposed to be picked up in 10mn. But it turned out to be 30mn, and that length was like 2h or more cuz i didn't even a watch to know the time.

i was thinking what should i do n stuff! after 25mn, i asked a couple that sat next to me if i could borrow their phone to call my friend! they was nice enough to let me use it even they only have USD0.02!

After the call! he showed up in 15mn! lol i was like.... ok it's not anyone's fault, i was just too nervous being along out there while there is a big rain, no money no phone!

:D a lesson. 

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Chea Sok said...

u r lucky, its 2cents lesson...