My Primary Birthday:)

This is my second time cos i accidentally delected it!!!...sHit!!!!

Today, my friends, Channa and her sweetie Pheng, Sweetie Ratha, Chanthou, and Cheat made a small party for four people who are Ratha, Den,Chamroun, and Me-RAth. The reasons that they did like this because of time, and Louy....hahahha...friends really thanks to u guys so much that u guys still love and care of me..;")

Even today is not my real BD, i still enjoy and be happy so much and also surprise me so much cos i didn't be aware of it at all. My dearest friends i love u guys so much and i will keep our friendship ever and ever!!!
Is it nice and yummy??? anywaY, i do love the color, PINK,,,,;")
Thanks for ur support, love, and ur careness for me!!!!!

Channa Wishing
It's up for ur season again. It's time for me to spend million of $$. Kiddin!
Honestly, m always happy with ur sweet birthday. U know? Spending many years(i think it's 7 years already) with u is the good memory time to me. U r always my little girl that never get mature(Ah,,,really??? come on later i hope u would change it....hahah) I can say I've never regret to make a friend with u. I don't know how it would be r a t h in the next future, but i just want to let u know that even every people leave u but I still stay around the corner to give my shoulders for ur depending. I just hope u always judge me in that way too.
Wish u more happy,
more funny,
more lovely,
more beautiful,
more clever and can make the rite decision with ur futur man!!!

From: Gina & Tong, Sour
cHanna(svet) +RathDudes love u all na...;")

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singachea said...

Do you have real and virtual birthdays?