“Work smart, dress smart”

People says dressing casual is very comfortable; however, some professions such as a lawyer or a professor you have to dress up smart all the time.

In reality now, appearance is pretty important esp LADY!!! I do not say that we have to be perfect in everything on our appearance, but our appearance shows on how confident we are.

Three years ago, I hated very much on spending time on how I look!!! But time past by, and my observation in society does values appearance of people at the first sigh. Even inside me not really loves dressing simple (Jean+ T-shirt), I have to adopt this norm in order to be smart in this world.

PS: I know, I really can’t stop my hands…but u know shopping for girls does make our feeling happy ^^

Girls, below are some pictures of my new clothes, casual clothes, some are a bit tomboy.

It's time for lady again^^

Long T-Shirt: at Pencil supermarket, Price: $7
Shoe: at Pencil supermarket, Price: $8
Red Dress: at Pencil supermarket, Price: $15 (lucky i got low price haha..)
Big and Small Beg: at Wanderlust shop, Big bag is $15 (25% off), small bag is $4 (25% off) *25% off is only for Cambodian customer :D cool...


Chip said...

Geez I envy your skin!!! Want brown skin so badly :(
You gotta take me out shopping next time I'm in PP.

pham dinh said...

Blue shoes don't really match with clothes colors... just my point of view... :) Anyway, yeah, shopping does make us happy and relax.

Rath said...

@chip:Here in cambodia, pp want white skin very badly...but i still love my skin :D for sure as long as ur here..

@Pham: hahaha....it's kinda a fashion wiht this shoes and dress..plan to wear it to club :P it's my personal style!!! op...hate to wear thsoe high heal.