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Anonymous said...

why such a poor Country like Cambodia did a fashion show? Hmm...Gud luck Kampuchea

Rath said...

next time before you throw an argument, you should give people your reason! Okay, so why can't such a very poor country like Cambodia can't have a fashion show? or are we poor and stupid? running a fashion show is a wast of $ and time? is it your idea, foreigner?

There are number of benefits regarding to the running a Fashion show.
1. helping Cambodian themselves with a creating minded
2. creating jobs for khmer
3. by having the running show, it might attract foreigner investor in fashion agency or advertising agency because they could see there are potential khmer people. This would create more jobs for people, and economic grows better.
4. I'm talking about art!!! there are many creating and remarkable artists who have been well-known internationally.
5. I wouldn't believe you know nothing about people here! except keeping your mouth ...open giving ridiculous comment while we are here trying to help ourselves and the country.
6. Are you saying going to donate $$$ to NGO then NGO gives rice to the poor, and this would help??? there are more than 3000 NGO, what do they do actually? give me some answer!
7. Do u think the first need level for human being is Food??? then only economic would be the answer for our stage as a poor country u told us!
8. give me sth worth than this...