Professional life Vs. Running business

I don't really want to get stuck working for others for the whole life! A lot friends of mine either have been starting up their own business or have been continued their family business. I have to admit that running businesses is one of the best choice when u get bored working your ass off and fighting with other colleagues just for your monthly salary. After all, maybe not worth it.

After I finished my LL.M, i got to work on something really new and pretty far from my subject/skil. At the first five month was very interesting, and frustrating. For now, I just want to continue growing my knowledge and continue exposure new things in life. I got a few ideas now, but love to keep it within myself first, and i will let you guys know later.

Creation Vs. Perfection:

I wanna share about myself or self-esteem. Most of the time, i stick to my own theory about life like Creation Vs. Perfection. 

Back in 2005, one of my English Teaching told us that in order to be success in life, it's not only about trying your best, but also being smart. Knowing what you want like goal is important, mapping your ideas and being smart how to get there is also significant. So, i also forgot that it has be perfection as well.

Therefore, I have to work on my perception about this theory. Why not just be creation and perfection.

Positive message from Rath  :)
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Pinkii Pumpkin said...

i like the new template...
keep using this man. pls, dont change.... :D

Rath said...

:D i think so! you should update your blog too la

Chea Sok said...

i can't stop keeping my eyes on u... @@