a week

Things are going not well with me! come on Life, pls goes easy on me ('-.-)
lesson learnt that whatever we do in life, just be caution!


On Friday last week, I took one day off for the medical checkup purpose. Since I paid monthly gym, I have to go there at least 3 times a week. So I had my first time swimming, and it was cool and cold. But i feel good after.

On Sunday,  I went around town with the gang as usual. We went to a friend place to learn now to make a cake, muffin and ... can't remember the name.  

Even, I used to not like cooking or making cake, recently I start to love it and enjoy doing it. But I haven't achieve what I want it. I need more commitment. 

At some point, we ended up here again and again.

I went to local clinic a few times, but I was't satisfied so here I came to Naga Clinic.
Doctor said to me this:

"At your age, there are so many people have the same illness like me. So all you have to do are:

1. Do exercise at least 1h everyday, until you sweat the whole body : Heng Vig just registered membership.
2. Eat five difference color fruit every week. Soy vig ot soy ches eat fruit
3. Drink water at least 3.5L per day. Maybe I can do it cuz i like water a lot
4. Your room should have enough oxygen
5. Sleep at least 8h a day.

here we go!


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

hahaha... i skip the gym there for like 1 month already. hahaha... busy + lazy + excuse. :D

nearirath sreng said...

pinkii used to go there too! it seem everybody goes there, which is good ^^