Rath - be better!

When you are alone, your mind goes on and on and on... All I want is just to see the world with my little feet and my the biggest heart 😎
But recently, what bother me the most is that how could a friend who used to care about you so so so much from head to toes. But, slowly they just erased you from their lives completely. Even you had traveled half the world away to see them, they just don't give a damn about it. I'm just a stupid little human being as always. This still hunts me and leave me in unexplainable blank space. How could a good friend ghost you? ghosting aren't supposed to only love things? Plus, you cannot get any explaination... Except to accept the terrible reality! I have many nightmares and good dream about them...

How could this mini human have to face all this shit ALL THE TIME? 

But, I am still very proud of myself that I have through so many terrible things within the last two years and I still manage to stay strong and alive. Bravo Rath! 

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Vuthisokunna Menh said...

you're done great little human... keep going!