why???? why people always have questions? why people always want something which they dont have? why and why?

One day, I rode my motorcycle to have snack alone. While I was riding, I saw one weird guy. He looked scary and dirty, and I was afraid that you would scratch me or something. Instead when I came closer and closer, I saw his face with tear. This was really killing me so much. It was opposite from what I thought, but I feel so sorry to him. From this I’ve learnt that do not judge people by their appearance or what you see and hear, is not something like that you have to think, consider by your own world why and how.

Last week I went to Shihanukvill with a few friends after I won the competition. It was not bad, but I was so tired. In the night I was at beach, we had a lot sea food which I don’t really like. I walked along at the beach, and while I was looking at a pity bagger, a foreigner who already walked pass the bagger but he came back to give some money to him, it was so nice of him so it comes up to my mind that there are still some good people are living on the earth so why don’t we just keep our hope alive, and keep feeding your heart to go on to get your dream. Just remember that there is not only you who doing this but others as well, and soon there will be more and more.

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Sophea Chea said...

That's life. hehe