Definitely Maybe!

Watching movies while my mood is so down, really help a lot.

Definitely, Maybe - Movie Poster (Click for larger image.)

Let’s start with the “definitely, may be”. It’s really reality and romantic too.
Especially, it’s similar to my situation now too.

“For, Will Hayes, a second look at the past will give him a second chance at the future.”

Will Hayes has a very cute and naughty daughter. She is so curious about her father
love past story… and finally, her father decide to giver himself second chance to meet
the girl who he fall in love since the beginning of the story.

**the most reality part of this movie is “when he is in love with another girl,
April (the real princess of him) decided came back from the trip to him…
then later on he broke up with the girl, wanted back with April, she’s already
with someone else” it’s called circle-love.

I’m feeling better, and might do understand more from learning something from this movie. Love it <3

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SAMBO Samphors said...

Oh.. cool. Will watch de.

PS. All the best ne!

Meritme said...

People try to b perfect only to find out that they'll make perfect mistakes! But wit this mistakes, we will perfect ourselve as time goes by!