Oct 15, 2008 8:44pm

Yesterday late night, my head was so hurt and almost exploded because I keep thinking too much stuff in the same time.
Keep thinking! And keep thinking!!! Why and why!!!

I have always been confusing what should I do. Or am I going to make my dream come true? Or should I just give it up?
Or should I just keep my life as simple as like other my friend? I think all people are struggling with all these questions
too based on what I have read, watched, and listened to many people says what should they do?

Job, money, love, dream, family, life, social activity, and everything are all important to me but sometime people do not
have all these things in the same. Along with these sometime they have to decide to have only a few items or
withdrawal some items out because some people are not lucky enough to have everything in the meantime.

Currently, I am working for the Canadia Bank PLC, which one of the biggest banks in Cambodia, plus its Chinese
people area which is not suit to me at all. I had never thought of working for a bank since I had been attending
law school. Yes I did!!! I am now is working for the private sector since I have no other better choice. First I get
$... monthly is a lot to people who just graduated from university. This month I got paid $... because I have talked
to Caroline, a daughter of the general manager of the bank or the big boss, about my concerning future study in USA.
I think she’s like me as I like her a lot. She’s very nice person ever among people in the bank. I really hope she would
understand me. I’m so worried if she would understand about my situation L

About the International Jessup Competition is very huge thing to me as well the whole team. I sometime want to
give up but I am the one who make it happen all the way long so I just can’t give it up easily. I have to make it
happen with the team spirit to bring Cambodia Team to the international round in D.C., USA. What I have to do
now is to find out the smart choice and strategy how to make it success. 

            -Read books regularly, and write down every important point.

            -Be healthy, enough sleep and enough eating…try to balance sleeping and eating. Op!!! Play hard too J


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mara_gogo said...

Quiz: Who said this?
"Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward ..."
Clue: Similar to this;
"I had never thought of working for a bank ..."

SAMBO Samphors said...

Either way you may go--have everything at a time with the tired brain or one at a time with a more relaxing brain--just make sure you are happy with it. If you are not, it's YOU who could make yourself happy.

I've never done all these big things at a time like you do but I'm not reluctant to say, I'm happy of what I've done though looking back at what I've done, they are just a small easy work.

One good advise, I'd say to myself, never compare yourself to the rest. You are special the way you are. Be happy and enjoy everything you are doing. You are doing great!

Rath said...

Mara-gogo: not really understand what you mean...

Phors: I totally agree with that. Just being yourself. I love the way i am. I hate to compare myself to others and never do that.

Love your comment :)