Somebody I use to know

if you hurt me 100 times, i will be stronger 1000 times!
if you hurt me damn much, i wouldn't hurt anyone  (not even u) else just to revenge! i will never change myself to be a selfish person! Even i have met ton of them!

I will always stay true to myself! I wish I could curse you, and wish I could slap your face in front of your close friends to let them know how shitty you are! But only shit person would do that, i won't bother to do so. After its so called forgiveness.

I forgive myself for making another mistake, I forgive myself for silly decision and all shit things. I forgive you that u had done shit thing in my life. But I still remember that people change, everyone change so do you! that's why i forgive you even this hurts real(really really) bad.

I know that she dumped you for someone, and u came to me! And i told myself that i was sure to give myself a chance to fall in love even someday he has to go back to his one n only! Later, he did! he dumped me for her, and i can't blame him for that! except that i faced the same things over n over again. After all i don't even have a piece of heart to get hurt.

I only have a soul, and my dream to keep me breathing!

PS: i hope you are reading this! i would ទៅចុះកំុត្រឡប់ មួយជាតិនេះមិនចង់ជួបអ្នកម្តងទៀតឡើយ! Thank god (i mean all gods) for giving me strength fighting for brighter future, so that i can help the world more.

Thank god that i have met someone, and he is as sweet as god. 

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