Quality Time with Old Friends

Meeting an old friends is counted as quality time :)

We had spent about 3 years at law school together back in 2005-2008. i am actually behind them one year so they finished school in 2007 and i finished in 2008. We pretty get along together very well. They are super ladies among people i know, smart, pretty, confident, and goal oriented. 

We shared our work and life experiences so we all can improve it all together. This is the best part.

She is one of my oldest friends that i always admire her hard working and talented, and i am nothing comparing to her. I remember the fist time i met her, we have the same jelly personality and she helped me out a lot during my psychology school. I miss her so bad.


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

ok.. there's a picture of u but it's fine because it's not those selfie thing... this is allowed!

nearirath sreng said...

anyway, it's my blog :P