Family Time

If you have read my previous post, the new routine schedule, you know that i value my family as much as my other activities. 

YES, I haven't done as much as i promised myself but at least yesterday, i brought them to a very yummy Chinese food at Ming Room Restaurant at Aeon mall. The foods are soooooooooo good and not too pricey :D

group photos

doesn't look alike at all!!!

group photos again

group photos again and again

that's the pretty and Chhnas sis of mine.


Pinkii Kdamprai said...

looked like u guys had so much fun.... especially your sis! lolzzz

Pinkii Kdamprai said...

yes, u guys didnt look alike at all. you are more beautiful lolzzz... i love your face more than your sis :D dont let ah phea knows, or else i will death meat :D

Pinkii Kdamprai said...
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nearirath sreng said...

Come on, why everyone calls her srey-sart instead of me :P yes, we had fun time. see you soon, right?