Sometime all i want is to sit under the moonlight while having my most favourite tea on earth called "Speculaas Melange". I bought the tea from a very cute cafe shop in The Hague a few blocks from my very old friend who is my actually funny dad (for the record he is not my real dad, we just joke about it).

Bleeding...bleeding in love, bleeding bleeding in love... Actually no, i am actually bleeding but its in natural way, if you know what i mean! what most women do when you're bleeding... er most people eat a lot and get very emotional or sometime even cry a lot over small things or old memories.

Me? usually i eat like a little monster, scream to people without realising i do, watch funny and sad romantic movies over and over again like "One Day", "A step to remember", "Love, Rosie" and more... I definitely love the move "One Day", its pretty old cuz it made in 2000 when i was like 16 years old. Once day yeah one day!

Oh man! i am writing this in such a weird mood lol

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