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Tom who is a big guy and a friendly intern already left to US since before yesterday! I know he is not so happy to leave Cambodia that's why he promised us that he will come back again with his girlfriend...cool!!!!

Anyway, i don't know why i always feel complicated as usuall!!! I wish I could make my thinking like a computer so i can control my mind to stop thinking any stupid things from my head.

This whole week I have training with a famous people from Hague. They are judges. Yes!! It’s really good opportunity to join this training but I just cannot understand the whole topic since I never study or know about any Inter’l criminal law or Genocide before so what they are talking about is Introductory Submission with these law or how these law apply to IS. Sovanna and I are completely difference from other inter’l interns because all of them already studied these kind of laws since first year of law school or some of them like Neha already studied these laws three or four times. Ok!!! I’m doing my best to understand these law by hard those I’m not completely understand the those concept, Alex who is a England Lawyer said to me yesterday while we were in bus back home that I can ask any questions or borrow any books about Inter’l Criminal Law from him. He said that I might be the one who is difference from other Khmer Woman because my dream and my goals are quiet difference. Furthermore, Anees who is Indain Lawyer said that I’m a second An San So Gi. Cool!!! Anyway, I don’t want to be in jail like her… I might make something difference from her by not just staying in house which is like in jail. I have to make other power countries to understand about Asian Country…

I hope I can make it!!!



Anonymous said...

Hm.. that is tuff for u, as an intern student to understand deeply the stuffs. training is kind of a field perfectionnism so b4 u join that, i suggest u fly over the topic (at least consulting wikipedia n spend few ten minutes over it). Remember, understanding and comprehensing is not hard as the reproduction. ok?

Nth beside keep trying. (u no i always keep trying more n more, cuz my academic background, completly not my favorite subject, varied from one level to another and totally different from the on-going job).

Rath said...

Hm!!! really thanks for your comment. anyway, can i know ur name please???

Hm... somehow I'm just lazy ;)...lolzzz but i'm telling myself Rath do not lazy... ur dream is in ur hands :)

Anonymous said...

configure it out... abbre. of Because Of Love... c?

actually m lazier than u.. n i never instruct myself like u.. i just follow my desire of eating n sleeping.. like a pig.
plus, i dun have proper dream as u.. just only annual plan or shortterm planning.. so if i were a ship, i would only no how to make my engine work n my ship being possible to navigate without nowing the destination...
how can u force urself? hey do this, do that? ... oh did u drive under the big rain these couple of days? n took ur wet pic as b4?