old pics with the unforgetable memory...:)....to be continued

me(Kh), Brianne(US), and Neha(India+study in UK)
last day for Sala....miss u;(
in the shadow!!!!
Chuie!!!!it is yummy????
hahah me and sister...Soure&Chan2
Oum wak Er!!!
3 gangsters in TTP.
Second Chanthou's BD....with most best friends...Thea,Cheat,Den,Soure,Channa,Phea,me,Chan2
First time, my name was an article on Rasmey Kumpuchea...lolzzz
On the day we've discuss about our project to help high school student to choose the right choice of field for their future!
we've knew each other about 7 years already...hope it'll be last long :)
Chanthou's Birthday on the same day to Vincent's BD...07.07.07
Vincent's Birthday...do u know wat i gave him for his BD....hahah mix fruit..banana, bla bla..
it's me and Sovanna...another national intern
don't look at me or i'll shot u.....lolzzz
it's my style...unique
ah it was on Sunday at Tribunal...cuz IS was limited time so we all had to go home late and no weekend..:)
while was waiting the bus to ECCC, self-taking pic;)
i was like a high school girl agian...;P
hahah...funny with Sdach or king...and Po Sang Bun
NGB!!!!! they left me alone in law school since they finished it...yougest is like that..
it looks like in 2004 or 2004, not sure but i was so fat cuz i just finished diploma, high school:) SLEEPING and EATING.
In 2005, Chanthou's Birthday:) i look so yong..

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