Party!!!!!After the boring exams!!!

Yesterday, I woke up so early to join the training client counseling course at Sunway for a whole day. It was interesting; there are six universities participated, and it was about 50 participants. It was a really long training; however we were lucky enough we got serve lunch at Sunday. I didn't eat a lot and i had to rush to make up hair because I joined my NGB, small phors'wedding, untill 10:30pm i got home, i was so exhausted. When i got home i sent some pic of the wedding to other NGBs i know that they really want to see them that's why i got the worth e-mail from my teacher at psychology school that the assignment i've done is still not complete, and he says "you're still fail" I am mad so much. There was so long story about it! just don't want to remind this worth thing again.

Any i'm really headache with a lot of things which are not untellable! i wish i could spread it out.
Vatha,me,Keat,Vathanak,Panha,Puthy,Lida,Bong Pheak!

our food!!!Yummy,
Keat(red T-shirt) said u should take action pic like this so it'd look we all look real cooking!
Guess what are they doing?

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