My Weekend!

Suck TN!!! too much smoke. I bet that most people there are going to have cancer soon
Cute friend, Vathana :)

New hair style with a cowboy hat, I didn't buy it...damn!

Your friend ask you, where are we going? What do you suppose to answer? *-O Eating? Shopping? Playing games? Gym? Swimming?...But where exactly is good places to go? None!

Phnom Penh is very small place, no where to go!!! So my little sister and I usually end up to drive till we figure out where shall we go, it's suck.

On Friday morning, I had an interview a job at the ECCC again. Even though I think I did a good job, who knows if there is still corruption--Opp!! CAN'T SAY IT OUT.
In the end of the interview, they asked me do i have sth to add; and I already planed that i was going to say "Though I have heard a lot about exhausted funding, and my parents are not so happy if i work here without salary, I would like to clarify that working at the Tribunal is my dream :") I think they like it, cuz it is from my bottom of my heart.

Then I went to say hi to everyone at OCP (Office of Co-Prosecutors). I do miss them so much, and they miss me too :D. Anees(Indian/England) and a few others said how much money should he contribute to get a job here for me? Oh..ho.. it was so nice of them. Then I went to National Co-Prosecutor when it was lunch time, they wanted me to join lunch with them, that was my honor.

I really hope I can come back to the court though I can't work at OCP, but I can work in the same building.
Fantastic Club, very nice!!!

Farewell party of Po Virak :P


Laurie said...

I just happened upon your blog, and I just love it. You seem, after just reading a little of it, to be a wonderful person. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep up with it!

Have a wonderful day, good girl!

Rath said...

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the wonderful comment, your blog is also nice, u seem to have a very wonderful life out there too :)

nice to know u ^-^