too heavy just now!

me in the darkness!!!

u just can't advoice face it even u don't want,
u can't make it work even as much as u try,
u can't dream of it even u try ur best,
u can't enjoy life even u pretend to be it,
u can't accept it even it is true already,

i wish i could be myself all the time and i just don't want to stand any more!!!
oh,,, gosh!!! i should be stronger than now if i really make my dream come true and nobody can change mine and nobody can take it away from me too....

A winner never quit, and a quitter is never win!!!!!


Borin said...

What are u trying to say?

Rath said...

You don't need to understand! sorry to say that but i really can't say it out here!

Kim said...
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