What the... [?]

Today at work, it was a boring day as usual! While i was surfing the internet, there was a phone ring. Human Resource dept wanted to meet me about the employee contract. Oh ghost! I'm going to sign another long-term contract soon. Then it means there will be a little chance to move to another job, which is enjoyable one.

Please pray for me 0-O really wish the ECCC contacts me and says i would get a job there.

Okay, hope i can survive there!
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sophon said...

Determined to what you love.

outcastE said...

I am sure ya could survive at anyplace, at your future potential ICCC position, and, as well, the current job. The crux is how would ya prefer to survive?

ps: small world! lol

Bicyclemark said...

hang in there. dont go crazy... unless its in a fun way, then you should go crazy.