a very close road to international Jessup Competition in Washington D.C.

I'm sorry being quiet a big while since i'm so struggling with preparation and the public performance today.

Big thanks to all donors who have helped, government of Cambodia, the RULE, Our coaches (Zach and Shona), Local Law Firms ( Scaiirony law firm and a law firm from Australia). Big thanks to Margareth, the school representative.

Good News is that we got the hotel scholarship and the free dinner of 50th of anni. of jessup competition.

We believe in Marciles that we have been started from -1000 to 100 level. Without people who has donor, help with physically and spiritually we couldn't reach to stand in the international competition of jessup moot court.
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icebreaker said...

Awesome :)

mara2go said...

Congratulation to Cambodian Jessup team! , your team's hard-working is now we see it worthwhile spent.

P.S: a little bit unhappy, we had spent our valuable time to support the team, but no thank word returned (directly from the leader)

LPP said...

Cool! S&A sponsor de!!! Hhaa... alright, good luck! Safe and nice trip too.

PS: It's Sciaroni & Associate (S&A).

B said...

my sincere wish of luck and success to your team at ILMC..

Preetam Rai said...

Good luck to you and your teammates