Blue or Blur Monday

As I mentioned last time that the busy life has come back to me again! I get up 7am every morning except on Sunday I get up at 9 :D since I have only one full day off.

iBT class starts at 5.30pm to 8.30pm and from Mon to Fri! is it suck? Because I leave office at 5.30 already, and how could I gonna make it on time! I got home at 9pm while my stomach screaming so loud so I slept without brushing my teeth and having a shower. I was dream that I didn’t have a shower which is completely true :D

Yesterday I came late for class, then I asked Mr. young lecturer whether there was a exceptional case since I was late, but what he replied was unacceptable because he didn’t ask me why I was late or sth, then he said while the others was here writing the essay where had you been? Of course I would reply that because I get a job and I can only leave after 5.30, unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to respond him. How unfair is it?

This is the topic of the essay writing yesterday:
Please describe what recent news have been affected you the most? Why?

My topic is about the most top secret jails for detention and interrogation the most dangerous terrorisms organized by FBI of USA.
....[I can't remember i have wrote~next time]

This the book that i will never be able to finish :D it is "Making Peace with Your Past". SO i can't recommend anything about the book yet.


$[V]i3+@ said...

what a busy life u got here...I used to be in a situation just like you, anyway, FIGHTING!!

Rath said...

Thanks dear, but you are no longer busy? how come? and why?

lovecaretrust said...

Hi I found your blog after clicking on your twitter by chance. I glance through most of your post and I have to say that you are a really brave person by posting such detailed account/dairy about yourself online.I'm very impress by all your success you have achieved. By the way you look so young at first I thought you were 16-18 years old.If you dont mind can I be a friend of your?

if you accept my email is lovecaretrust@hotmail.com

$[V]i3+@ said...

hehehe...because I am on my vacation...but I will have to leave one university at 5:00pm and go to another university at 5:30pm again when the school started this september...:( will be so tired at the end of the day.

Rath said...

@lovecaretrust: there are many kind of poeple, i'm open minded! and don't care much because life is short someday i'm gone who know but i want all my family friends and people know still remember me by this blog :) u can add me in gmail account!

@$...: hahah i used to be like u too, but it's also a fun part of being a student :)