My weekend =)

On Saturday noon i had lunch with my sister and my coworker, the only true friend i got at work at Pizza Company. We ordered a set menu, with a lot dishes so we ate very lot. Then,we shopped a little bit before gone to home.

I had cleaned my messy room for about 3hours and half, and finally i found the invoice of internet company; thanks god that i don' t have to pay again. In the evening, i had a high school friends gathering, time to waste money again :D but we had a very nice dinner although a lot friends couldn't join us. Phnom Penh is very small city, so we ended to go River House. Unfortunately, the boys couldn't stay late, we went back home at 10pm...god! it's too early, i hadn't danced [ei phong] Since we can't stay late, we usually the first to start the dance floor :D

So on Saturday was a great day :) oh i made a phone call to my best friend in NZ to say hi. :) happy day^^

I woke up at 8 or 9am (can't remember) then listening to musics for a while. I cleaned my room again cuz i hadn't finished on Saturday yet.

Sure i skipped my breakfast, and i had lunch at home (being a good girl) then i went to Sovanna alone for internet killing time...at 3pm i met a girl to do some shopping there then gone to swimming at Himavari(not sure i spell it correct). We were so unlucky that it was raining, swam about a half hour, we was not allowed to swim any more since there was a lot thunder. Dinner at Fly was a right choice, nice environment and reasonable price. We had very nice conversation, we planned where shall we visit next time, it seems we went to around the world :D i love adventure, and another girl does too :)

All in all, my weekend is great so far ^^ happy weekend ;-)

god! i lost my writing skill!!!

at Riverhouse!

today at work, i got cut :(


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