Yellow Monday

Monday!!!-sometime i'm so wondering why the sunrise so fast on morning morning...i don't want to wake up, and don't want to go to work! lazy.

What a bad day!!! it was raining non-stop, i decided to walk to TN to wait sister there. On the way it was flooded, and poor shoes, i love them so much :( I wish i could put them in my back =(

okay Monday has gone...Tuesday has come with a smile because my boss give An Bav for Pchum Ben, how nice! and i bought a new cheap cute phone :) Op...in order to celebrate it, there will be a party with my family for a dinner. We will have soup then will have ice-cream called earth quake...will take a lot pictures :)
My cute and poor shoes!
My picky sweety phone :) there was a joke in my office that PINK mean, first love or maybe just the beginning to love :D haha i said because i'm not a sweet girl so i should use sweet phone to help me (^^)


sylyvann said...


VK said...

You are sweet already...

Anonymous said...

Just cute shoes, no picture of cute feet, this time? N

Rath said...

@Sylyvann: better say a few words not a smile only~

@Virak: but i'm not chocolate :P

@Mr.Ano...no cuz my cute feet wasn't cute at that time hehe!