Another article about "Suicide" By Vimean

By vannavuth sochanvimean:
As a psychology student, one among things interests me a lot is a skill of negotiator, I mean suicide negotiator. I've been wondering about how those professionals are so capable. One day I experience it my self. In2005, there was a student, who came to commit suicide attempt on the6th floor of Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) A building, exactlyin front of the class I was studying. Oh gosh! everyone freaked out. As a a student in psychology department, I was motivated to talk to the guy attempting to jump from the building. Guess what? I never know how clumsy I was. I didn't know what to do so I just called out the guy and said if there was anything I could give him a hand.

I wasn't thinking except I felt like his life might be lost in my hand, if I kept clumsily behaving. But I didn't know, I really didn't know what to do. I never know that I can be so confused like this. I actually felt like i was a total loser. At last, he responded to me, oh god, how happy I was; I could feel that this guy could be saved, but still I had no idea what to do next. I guess I was too anxious.

About 15 min later, a group of professors from psychology department came to make intervention. Wow! what an experience ! I felt like watching a movie, sorry I don't mean to offend but I did feel that way. One of my teachers brought a bottle of water and talked to the guy, then he asked to find his close friends.

Around 10min later, I guess, the group of his friends arrived. They all looked so shocked and confused. 5 min passed, a younger sister of the guy, I assumed, also came to the 6th floor and she almost lost her consciousness. Now people were banned from the 6th floor, except important people.

One among the guy's friend, was encouraged to come closer enough to talk to him. The situation became tense and tense. The guy who attempted to jump from the building look more serious now and the people at the ground was looking with anticipation. The guy who came to talk with the suicide attempting guy kept talking and the other guy still didn't respond. Everyone at the ground look worried. Later, the guy who want to jump started responding. They both looked serious. The other friend of them also looked worried. Looking in the eye of suicidal attempting person, I could fell his sadness. He actually looked so gloomy. I couldn't remember actually what they was talking but I distinctly remembered the man said "there is no one can help him". After the serious explanation and the talk for around 30min, his friend was able to convince the guy that he had somebody who care of him; therefore, the guy who attempting to jump decided to come back. Everyone at any floors, especially the ground floor all started to give a big clap to the situation. Yes man!! everyone was released!

Since then, I knew that I have to work harder. One thing is the ability to remain calm, whenever getting a situation. I think I learned a big lesson from this rare type of situation. Consequently, I've been reading any document concerning suicide as much as I can. I know that only reading does not make me
capable to stop people from killing themselves but I want to do what I can to contribute. There are things I found out from my reading :

- First, felling for suicide is just a state of mind like other feelings, to day you want to commit suicide but not tomorrow; however, you neverhave time to regret, if you successfully do it.

- Thinking of suicide can come to everyone mind. You think about it, it does not mean, you are weak, but it is a sing to tell you that you need to rest and pay attention to your self.

- Seeking help is a perfectly acceptable way. It is so natural that you need somebody to comfort during you hardship time. May be, you think you have no one, but believe there are so many good and positive people out there are waiting to listen to you. Probably, this help you to realize that you need to punish yourself, but you just need a person to listen and hear what you say.

- There are so many different aspects of life, you may not want to spent your time in the own small world, try it, focus on different areas of life. You might even say to yourself " why do I ever do this before?"

- Felling of suicide is not necessarily bad. According to the studies concerning lose and grief, grief can be a part of self growing. You never improve without some challenging. Thus, whenever you face a problem, specially, a big a big one, you might notice that you become stronger when you completely overcome it. Thus, the thought of suicide might make you more appreciate your life and others when you get over it.

- You are a wonderful being. You can do countless things with your two hands, which you never imagine you could. I believe in you so what you need to do is to start believing in your self. If you feel there is no one care about you, stop it. I'm here I care for you and so does countless people.

- Good luck with your life!!!


VK said...

this guy, that guy and this guy again... count me in as a confused reader by you.. has ha

rada said...

Magnificent!!! It's meanningful and sweet. I can feel that there is a person who I can talk to if I need. This is a real psychologist.