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At my age now, I find myself having very hard time! My parents become so protecting without any reasonable sometime. I do know that they really care about me, and never accept that I’m a real adult!
My world is so damn weird, even myself sometime I don’t understand too but I do believe that everyone live for their own dream. My world doesn’t exist on my parents’ world. [Damn I don’t know what to write about]
i believe that because of the civil war affect them! they still have a nightmare about it so it makes them become too protected their child. This really abstract us become more yourself! Shy, not confident, afraid of lot things, .... which i found it suck!

I plan to get master abroad, to find myself what i want exactly. I always want to ... See More and explore the world. Meanwhile i'm doing some small family business for my whole family hope they can have a good life here while i'm gone! will come back in a few years or jsut a visit.... hope it will work out as long as m strong tic!
Write more later!


SaigonNezumi said...

Just curious, have you applied for the Muskies to do your Masters in the US?

Rath said...

what is it? i will apply to other type scholarship!

narath! said...

like ur blog! :)

SaigonNezumi said...

My apologies, Muskies is for the former Soviet Union states.

How about the Fulbright?

Rath said...

yes, i'm hunting it too!!