TV Series: Dal Ja's Spring

Single woman in her 30's... happy for self-indulgence...
In the 80's, girls spent their teen years believing that virginity and purity were a woman's virtue. In the 90's, they spent their 20's exclaiming that in order for women to become equal with men, they had to be independent. Then reached their 30's.. thinking that the "big party" (the prime of their lives) was over. Now they begin to realize- from where men sleep (or who they sleep with), from men's competitive nature- what successful liberation is. They learn that trifling matters can be cool. Sometimes it's ok to be mean without giving it a second thought. One can let go of all the money, power, success and still be strong... getting married isn't some homework one has to do. It's great if you marry, and if you don't... ultimately it's a choice...
This is the pattern of life for the 30 year old spinster for the past 21 years. This is the happy, single, golden season of the life she chose.
Single woman in her 30's... love is like a never ending spring day to them too.
A little too old for living recklessly and adventurously, yet young enough not to simply settle down and lead a peaceful (boring) life. Having passion still left in them, yet knowing too much about the world to blindly follow their passions alone. Standing at a major crossroad in their lives... choosing to remain forever single, or to ride the last wedding train. These 30 year old single women, however, still dream about the love as they have always been. Beautiful as ever, this is their story...
At thirty-three, even though the "prime of their lives" may now be over, just like in sketches or portraits, these women are as usual waiting for spring on a beautiful day like today.
In this passage, the Korean word for 'spring' can be, for most parts, interchangeable with its alternate meaning 'prime of their lives.'

Oh Dal Ja, 33 years old... single. And still waiting for her 'prince' to come. She works as an MD of a home shopping tv show. She has everything... money, power and success. The only thing she dreams about is marriage. Then she meets flirty guy, Shin Se Do, who seemed nice to her. After seeing how Se Do flirts with Yee Son Ju, the host of the home shopping tv show, she seeks revenge. Kang Tae Bong, who has a mysterious past, pretends to be her boyfiend and signs a dating contract with her. But then again, who is this Um Ki Jeong that seemed to be the perfect gentleman? An enterprise representative.. rich, goodlooking, intelligent and courteous. Three men, one woman.. who will win Oh Dal Ja's charm? Who will end up as her 'knight in shining armor?'

PS: I'm so curious whether this true love does exist in real life? Sigh! I do enjoy this movie a lot, and it's a happy, love, romantic movie! I relax much more than other sad love movies... i would give it 9 points. :D

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Panharath said...

My favorite movie! I watch everyday on KBS. A great movie so called!