Is it questionale?

Prah Vihear, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

During the trip to Prah Vihear, i was told about mess killing in khmer rough time by our tour guy who is a military there.

He said there many big car trucks took people from the khmer Thai border who had run from khmer rough, Thai has ordered to kill many of them by dropping people from this high mountain from those trucks =( i used to hear about this terrify things, but seem no one cares any more. the questions here are. if the facts i was heard is true? will there be a solution or trail or anything for people who died without justice? or ICJ (international court of justice) would bright this case up?

we, khmer are so sad and traumatized cuz of so many years of civil war, but seem the world has been forgotten us Y-Y

this has been inspired me, where and who should i be!

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