Khmer NY 2010

On 14th April morning, bong vasan called me whether i wanted to go to Siem Reap! i'm not quiet sure about it but i really wanted to escape from pp so much, from everything around me love life family.

We left at 2pm till 8pm we arrived. We stayed at Lin Ratanak Angkor Hotel, it costs $25 a night as i am good on negotiation haha!

The first day was super hot, the temporature was like 45 Celsius! we went to Taprum temple. And we had lunch at Baray cuz we thought there is water so it would be not that hot; unfortunately, oh GGG @.@ it was double hot!

Op...time to go home...to be continued ja!

Half way to SR, damn i was too rush didn't take enough stuffs!
After checked in at the hotel, we had dinner at ...soup!it's buffet, $4 each.
After dinner, Pop or pup?? street!
just me!
the next day at Taprum Temple.
too hot..
We're family,...hhahah a child as always
Finally, I decided to make my dream going to Prah Vihear came true....yoh..ho!

Seem there is no nice and dancable club in SR, we ended up going to street dance.
the last day..


Piseth said...

You had such beautiful holiday then. Just a bit hot though. And the picture are nice. Did you join the street dance...just wondering

Rath said...

of course, i danced with them...99% are traditional musics, :)