Time flies!

Time flies too fast, and i think i wish to have a wings to catch up with what i have to do in one day! now it's 12.39am I don't to rush to bed or i feel like i didn't have a productive day or I just live a life with no goal or IT'S JUST NOTHING!

I am fighting for what? i am lost? or what is going on here!!! oh man...are you having those questions for yourself?????


Anonymous said...

I do sometimes. It's just that my life is in the middle of nowhere and i cant hardly see wat's coming tmr. dat's sux! jus live day by day n see wat really makes me happy :( so yab..!

Rath said...

stranger ha: i think everyone is the same but they just hide or show it out just like us. we're not the only two who keep fighting for future and a better life. what we can do is keep ourself be positive then evil minded can't bring us down. Let's be a strong fighter na ^^

Anonymous said...

hell yes! ^_^ life's a climb!