12-15 May Lao with three monkeys

May 14, 2010 8:38AM, Pakse Lao

Very thanks to my little sister for a birthday surprise to make my wish come true, and most all people I love were there on that day.

One bet was raised at that night about going to Laos in the next day of my bd. If anyone cannot go will lose the bet. The next day came, I tried to convince my parents for permission; and finally I made it. There are me, my littler sis Phea and a kid, Sai that we have a thunder plan again coming here without any plan.

I left office at 12.30am on May 12, and arrived at the border at 6pm with an unstoppable speed. Dinner was so good on a boat with all local people at 10am. Fortunately, we found a simple hotel with free Wifi where I felt not so right :P at the night because I dreamed that there was a family came to our room, and then they left back because they said it was wrong room number. What does it mean? It might just a feeling of me or was it something else? Who knows? That’s why we decided to change a hotel. arrived at the border at 6pm as expected cuz of our Formula1 Sai :D it's our dinner. yummy though i don't like fish.Checking in.
Second day at Pakse is a ridiculous adventure. We had breakfast at local noodle place where I found it very delicious noodle (Kuteav) with a special home special make Laos coffee milk, very sweet and strong café. Google told us that the 200m waterfall is very awesome once you are here you must be there. It’s Ta Fan waterfall contain a lot different things you can see besides a wonderful view of 200m waterfall but a dangerous road down there that we decided to try to go in . I don’t need to describe about the road you can see in the photos below. [Plz don’t tell my mother :D ]IMG_5389it's Pho Lao.IMG_5390special lao cafe IMG_5401

We had lunch at another waterfall park. The food was okay but the service you just can’t uncomplainable since it’s norm here. There was a very coincident that my sister friend was there too. Back to the evening after check in a new hotel we had a big time on confession about our previous love story cuz of Laos beer made us talk unstoppable.
The third day is about to begin… geez now it’s 9.30am we just got up. There will no more breakfast for us.
Thanks baddish! The same breakfast local place we went last time still opened at 11am.
The next destination is a world heritage Wat Phu. We had to drive about 2 hours from Pakse. The road is still on the construction. I think next year the road will be pretty good. The green vivid view along the way attracted me not to fall asleep from late night slept at 2 or 3am yesterday. And the entry alien ticket costs 30.000 kib, which is 1.5000 Riel, per person. Standing still in front of it for about 5mn because of the view from the ground, really made me think that I’m very lucky to see it with my own eyes. There are about three to four different Cambodian groups visited there during our fist time there. I remember when I was taking picture of a flower in the ground (sit chom tit chom tog), he thought I taking myself pic so he offered me a hand in English language then I replied in Khmer no problem (ot ei te po). He said he thought I was Laos haha… do I look like once? :D
IMG_5631Just three of us^^

I claimed up to the hill where the temple is. About 10mn later while I was enjoying taking photos, my sister was lost. I don’t know how it could happen since there is only one way up to the hill and one way down. But while she was somewhere and I didn’t realize yet, I went to explore the hill with the kid Sai. We claimed to a very difficult rock where we discovered a rock spirit so we bowed down our head for happiness and safety. Then we were told that there are more temples in the top mountain. Even there was a sign that NO ENTRY or NO CLAIM, we, head rock, claimed up but gave up on half way. Talking about my lost sister, we shouted and looked for her everywhere but later on she walked from the gate entry, how ridiculous was that? How could we lose each other?

Back to the next plan is Khonephapheng resort & Golf club, expensive and worse to be spent. Double beds room costs $35, single bed cost $25 contain with a remarkable view of a Labak Koun, a beautiful and modern dorm style. For more you can see in the photo.
Dining there was the right choice, good food and nice price. I have discovered that a kid I have came all along way with has the same shape dream with me how wonderful is it. ***
Last day of our journey was exhausted, and not want to face the real life yet.
Promised to wake up at 7 was turned out to be at 9am :D we had breakfast at the resort then went straight to the thundering Khonephaphen Waterfall, Labak Koung. There were a lot Khmer families visited there. Around at 3pm we headed back to home sweet home, and arrived at 7pm.


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

and u said u were sick???

tumnei said...

It sound real fun!! It made me miss my trip to Laos and want to go there again ;))

mara2go said...

feeling like i've been there too.

Rath said...

you guys really should go to Laos ;)