Chan Ban San Sar nig ke(no translation:P )

Any applications interested to apply now? there are very simple requirements:
1. first of all just introduce yourself to me
2. then send me your cv :) u're selected, i will contact you ^^


Anonymous said...

hey it's funny.. jong ban sangsa neng ke.. ke 1 na? ke 1 sit in front of u or ke jom vinh u..

funny again.. jong ban sangsa.. ta min deng tha salanh ke ot... lolz..

funniest post..

gäãra-dě-sañd said...

me me me!!!

ok... my name is Gaara, and hmm.. what else do u want to know? just see in my cv.. :D

so when will i hear about the result?

Rath said...

Anonymous: hahaha time to make it change! post same thing everyday.com.kh is boring!! :P ot dig laj na ke men, ter mex!

Gaara: hahah pel na pel nig hery :P

Anonymous said...

nus lanh Gara tov.. ber min jeng M3 kor ban der hehehe !!!

vichet said...

are you serious?

if so, i ask your permission to post this news in my blog.. to see if someone get interest.. :D

Anonymous said...

How come!

I am the one who used to say... to you. If you're interested in me, please contact me via your previously happy and sad memory.

I am looking forward to seeing your contact.


GeeK said...

lolz... ok.. I'm in... Check out my resume then :P

Ed Dba said...

Hmm..i think i'm late for any candidature...i'm sure you choose the right one..hehehe