the book of First They Kill My Father

the book has taught me sometime we have to leave things with unsay. and i also break the rule that saying goodbye you must not look back or u won't be able to move on.

the more i read, the more guilty feeling i have! i think reading those books shall give more energy to fight more but now i am even down and down than before! i am all alone while everyone think my dream is so so stupid! i believe in sth people say it's stupid, and u're silly to be that way.

i was born to see the beautiful world thru my eyes and later on thru my glasses! and i also was born to see people happy. but i myself can't make it so how can i make people around me happy, it's a lie! that's why at least i shouldn't hurt them i'd rather get hurt and carry the burden alone or my guilty will be with me forever and ever..

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pham dinh said...

Hey, Rath... but I do believe that when we are in the bottom of down feelings... impossible to be downed anymore, we will be up again... and now I see it frequency like a normal thing. After that, we may think of another thing bigger and higher than ourselves.

U will be up soon :)