1- Take me through a typical day in your life starting with the time you wake up?
I get up at 7am.
2- In your perception, how was life 20+ years ago compared to now? What is different?
Twenty years ago, life is no struggle for everyone because the civil war just finished 10 years after, so everything was so difficult to restructure again.
3- How do you feel about life now? Is it better or worse? ( in general )
Life nowadays comparing to the past, it’s much better in term of education, and nation security.
4- How do you feel about the future? ( in general )
I am very positive that in near future, Cambodia will be more and more better because the human resource has been increase.
5- What do you like doing to relax? What about for entertainment?
I like to go to province, enjoying the view of nature. Sometime I feel I love dancing. Not animal party.
6- What do you want for your life? What is your hope, dreams and aspirations?
I wish to be a international lawyer. I hope to get my master in abroad.
7- What are your fears and frustrations?
I am afraid my parents want me to have an arranged married that’s why I want to go abroad.
8- Do you think it’s more important to be an individual or part of a group? Why?
I would like to be party of group because being in group would give my more idea or opinion in anything in everyday life.
9- How do you usually get information about new products?
TV, magazine, internet
10- Are you using at particular mobile service provide? Why do you choose your mobile service provider?
I choose 012 service, cuz of my friends and family are using same service.
11- What do you use it/them for? What else?
I use it for communication, music, photo
12- What is your perception of Cellcard, hello, Metfone, Beeline, Mfone, Smart? What is good? What is not? Who use it?
Cellcard, is not too bad.
13- What does it mean to live a “smart life”?
It means you know how to live a real life very flexible.
14- What does it mean, to you, to be “smart”?
You know how to get success which is the key.
15- Can you tell me about anyone you know who lives a “smart life”?
My professor who is a CEO of a NGO, he seems success in academic, job, and family.

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