NGOs Vs. Private Sector => HR

I really couldn't help myself out from my confusion world. I really do no know which road I should choose. I always dream to help society, and bring peace to the world. However, again and again I am still lost. 

If I choose to work for Stock Market, I think I should have clear cut. Working for stock market by involving and comment on the new laws, regulations, will push the procedure faster. This
will help economic, development, and there will be jobs for people so people will have rice to eat at least. 

Human Rights sounds good, but at the same time there are more than 3000 NGOs in Cambodia. What are the benefits? I do not see many of them could really help, but bring trouble instead. Only small number of NGOs that could really do something to contribute to khmer society. 

Therefore, I would be working for a power private sector to see a different angle of society on how to improve the quality of khmer society. 

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SaigonNezumi said...

Cambodia has a new stock market so why not get involved early on? It should be fun, exciting and a bit challenging at the same time. You will gain a lot of experience and improve your networking.

Salaries should be good too. Then after 4-5 years, you can leave and form your own company or NGO.

Best of luck.