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A lots Cambodia people believe in a dream, which is defined that dreams related to the dreamer's wishes that enables them to realize the things they unconsciously desire, and that the dreams helps them to fulfill their wishes. This is a message to the dreamer should pay attention to their own good, and written by Carl Jung.

Okay, Last night I had a dream that I could only live for 40 days, and I was thinking if so, then why should i care and too worry about choosing a job??? It seems that those bad dreams are coming back to me. However, I have to keep telling myself that this time is different because I am working on something very new, and challenging which required me to start from A,B,C. I wouldn't have any hesitate any more, I should just focus how to make my move fast to catch up with my new career.

"Nothing is impossible"
" I am confident, and I will get through all these things"
"Winner never quits, quitter never wins"

PS: opp... again just ignore my pictures below. :P
That how i looked on Saturday working :D
This is how i look, when i'm too worried


Lourii Pinkii said...

you got worried eyes, dear~

Rath said...

yes, i was and i am still worried till now :D