Life could be bought so easily in Cambodia

"Young mother executed"
Phnom Penh Post, Oct 4, 2011

First of all, I really don't like the title because my first impression I thought she committed something wrong or maybe she killed her baby, but she was gunned shot!

There are number of cases that people have been murdered, and justice never been found. Just another case here, the police suspected that her husband in New Zealand actually is a married guy, and his real wife found out about her husband got affair, so she ordered to kill the young mother without mercy. This is too cruel that not all women could do it even they have face same problem in their family.

There is a witness gave her full name to PPP, and printed with her full name. I doubt it if this could lead another terrify case, or her safety. In addition, I am not so sure if Cambodia law has any provisions on "witness protection".

Last but not least, the last sentence of this article, the police did not give a strong comment on this how to do next in order to find the gunman and throw him into jail.

Silvja wrote on May 1, 2001:

One can see here the deepest sadness in Munch's life.
The pale faces, black suites and the room lightened
by candle lights. However, they face the truth as
the woman in the back is looking at you: death will
come for everyone sooner or later.

PS: i hope the gunman doesn't know english!!!

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