$$$ Vs. Traffic

First of all, please do not read if you don't want to see another criticism from me :P

I am terrified of driving in PP.
I really do not see many people driving with mercy or another word driving with
understanding of others.
Why everyone, especially the rich and power people are super obsessive with going first???
Is it really worth of saving a few minutes of driving by ruining other people life or feeling?
I know that this is very common sense for everyone that they know why, but still there is not action to improve or people in Cambodia like to "Shut up and Drive" and being silent to all injustice? Neither Police nor civilian dare to care or take action?

One of the reason is "Rule of Law", the law above everyone doesn't have been practiced.

There should be first come first go, and respect of regarding of big and small road.
I am so mad once i drove across a street where there were busy traffic, suddenly a Lexis 570 drove in front of me where i believe i should have a right to go first. After that big car drove passed me, the mature lady starred in that car start stairing at me with her anger and big eyes, "this stupid girl doesn't want to live longer".

So What?
I know you're cool, but don't mess with me.
Its a Reflection of real Cambodia image but not the big cars in PP


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

I like this post and I totally agree with you. I hate... i freaking hate those stupid cars. They always ruin my morning mood until I change the road to go to my office. Imagine u stop at the traffic light on the right lane and someone just horn at u from behind? I don't know why they have no shame at all. Guess they forget to bring it along with them when they were born.

Talking about traffic in Cambodia, I can complain about it for the whole week non-stop. I just hate those injustice thing that u mention. Believe it or not? I even tell my mum that "mum, one day u may have to go to the police station to fetch me there because I might lose my temper and let's see what they are going to do to me".

Please don't follow those stupid people. They are born stupid, it doesn't mean that we should be as stupid as them.

Rath said...

of course!!! Discrimination appears very strong in khmer!