Cute cafe - Bloom

I'm sitting at a cute cafe shop while thinking of life what to do next, how to plan, how to backup bla bla bla. This actually feels great, quiet, peaceful, relax.

In life, there is always up and down, depending on how to reach your goal. Sometime, your goal is too high, and when you can't make it, u get depress. Here doesn't mean that you have to set your goal lower, but you just have to do your best in every goal you set, and that's it. If you can't make it, you have to tell yourself that you done your best.

Sometime i strike too much, too hash, and too short. Maybe, i should slower down a little bit in things that i expected. Instead, I should be more productive at work, extra work, extra activity, extra exercise ( devil laugh ^.^)

I know that i'm not perfect, nor good person in the eyes of --- but i will try to make up and will try to forgive myself for negative guilty i have, and move on with life, work, and reach my goals.

I haven't forgotten my dream anyway.

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